Hi, I’m your NotCalledDBA. How can I help you?

I’m offering the following services:

  • Restoring your oops deletes
  • Tune the performance of your queries
  • Refresh your environments
  • Build a database deployment pipeline for our databases
  • Provide advise on how to develop databases
  • Help you to automate your tests
  • Help test our new hardware
  • Preconfigure a VM template with SQL Server, so you can instantly build a new development environment (automatically of course)

In the mean time I have set up:

  • A job to optimize indexes, check the integrity of the databases (they can get corrupted!) and of course to do the database backups.
  • Security so you can do whatever you do, nothing more, nothing less.
  • Monitoring, so I can see problems coming before they actually happen.
  • Clustering so our databases will be available, even if the server they run on fails.
  • A Disaster Recovery strategy in case our primary datacenter fails and so our company can continue it’s business with minimum data loss.

All so you can focus on your real tasks and so you won’t have to worry too much about our databases. Drop by my desk anytime you like. I’m happy to help you out with all kinds of database stuff. By the way: how would you like it if from now on I’ll attend to some of your meetings every once in a while? This way I know what’s going on and I can pro-actively help you with the database stuff. When I’m involved early in the process, chances are I’m not saying NO in the end of it 😉


Your NotCalledDBA

(Grant Fritchey (t|b) recently wrote a very insightful post on the role of DBAs and database skills in a DevOps environment. Grant very kindly gave me a shout-out in the course of the discussion, and his post has inspired this open letter to my IT colleagues, and set the tone for how I think we should work together.)

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